Are you in the market for a new furnace? If so E & M Heating & Air Conditioning has a lot to offer.

From 80% efficient furnaces to high-efficiency 95% efficient furnaces, we have a furnace to fit your needs.

By replacing your outdated furnace with a new more efficient model not only will you stay warm this winter, your new furnace will also pay for itself with the additional savings.

Two stage furnaces are recommended for use in Colorado due to the many mild winter days.

Single stage furnaces are designed to heat your home, at only one level "high". That means every time your furnace starts it is putting out the maximum amount of British Thermal Units [BTU's]. On mild days you do not need the full capacity of your furnace.

The two stage furnace starts out running in first stage, which uses only about 70% of its capacity. The furnace will meet the extra demand by ramping up to the second stage only if necessary.

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency [AFUE] is the most widely used measure of a furnace's heating efficiency. It measures the amount of heat actually delivered to your house compared to the amount of fuel that you must supply to the furnace. Thus, a furnace that has an 80% AFUE rating converts 80% of the fuel that you supply to heat, the other 20% is lost out.

Heat Pumps


A heat pump gives you the best of both worlds, it is an all-in-one heating and air conditioning system that works year-round. It is used in conjunction with a gas forced air furnace, or Air Handler.

During the Spring and Summer months, a heat pump works just like a normal air conditioner. In the Fall and Winter months the process is reversed.

Heat pumps are now designed to operate at temperatures down to 20 degrees.